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Warranty & Quality Assurance

A and K Home Improvements - Warranty, Windows, Doors and Conservatories Installation, Suffolk, Essex, Colchester

All our work carries our own cast-iron 10-year satisfaction guarantee. Many of our projects are carried out for fellow builders - which tells its own story.

The British Board of Agreement

An organisation partnered with Government and whose Governing Board includes representation on behalf of the Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport and the Regions.

The BBA's Agreement Certificates have been providing authoritative and independent information on the performance of building products for over 30 years. Every Agrément Certificate contains important data on durability, installation and compliance with Building Regulations, not just in England and Wales, but in Scotland and Northern Ireland, too.

Quality Assured National Warranties

They provide the highest quality of Insurance Backed Warranty in terms of both cover and cost. They boast the widest insurance cover available on the British insurance market. This fact coupled with the most competitive premium makes them a premier insurance warranty provider in the UK.

What the press says: WHICH magazine

Find out the name of the insurance company and check that it is authorised by the Department of Trade and Industry.

Read the policy before signing up and make sure that your contract is directly between you and the insurer, and not with the intermediary company selling the guarantee.

Check that the policy covers a full term and you pay the whole premium upfront. Avoid "renewable" insurance schemes.

About Quality Assured National Warranties

We conform to all relevant criteria and guidelines as set out by the following organisations:

DTI Department of Trade & Industry ABI Association of British Insurers IOB Insurance Ombudsman Bureau OFT Office of Fair Trading

We are also the appointed Administrators for Quality Guild, who are run by the Training & Enterprise Council.


JUSTICE recommends legislations to provide that persons who undertake building work exceeding a threshold in value shall not be entitled to recover, by action or otherwise any payments for such work unless:

"Before beginning the work they are registered under an approved warranty scheme" and "Before or at the time of payment they have delivered to the householder a warranty issued or agreed to be issued under such a scheme". JUSTICE recommends compulsory insurance backed warranties for work to dwellings.

Trading Standards

Companies offering guarantees may not always be authorised to carry on insurance business or may not be based in the U.K. In either case consumers will lose the protection offered by the Policyholders Protection Act 1975 in the event of the company collapsing.

Most important of all, Consumers need to be aware of just how little value can he placed upon guarantees issued by traders themselves, without any form of independent backing. Such guarantees are totally worthless the moment the company ceases trading for whatever reason.