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Door Installation

A and K Home Improvements - Door Installation Essex, Suffolk

We are authorised installers for the excellent Tricept Windows & Doors. The Tricept 70mm system offers superb symetrical appearance together with its own unique, high security locking systems.

All PVCu doors require reinforcing. PVCu windows are reinforced to strict specific sizes. However, unlike other PVCu systems, the Tricept range is reinforced with crinkled steel and aluminium, thus being of far greater strength and ridgity.

With Tricept Doors, whether you are considering a front or back door, you should feel confident in the security. There have probably been more security developments on doors than most other products. Depending on the available opening height, your door can include as many as 14 locking points all around the door, easily surpassing regulations set by British Standards. Even the hinges have been developed to include anti-jemmy technology.

So after you have selected your preferred style and decided on the practicalities such as open in or out, hinged left or right, you can then sit back and feel safe and secure in your home.

We are happy to advise customers of the current best buys which meet your individual requirements.

As members of the League of Professional Craftsmen, we are obliged to comply to stringent regulations and will never fit cheap or poor quality units which might let you down.

If you'd like a brochure, detailed specifications or technical information please Contact Us.

Tricept Door Security

Tricept Door Security - Tricept 12/14 Point Lock
Tricept Door Security - Shoot Bolts
Tricept Door Security
Tricept Door Security - Hinges
Tricept 12/14 Point Lock
2 x top and bottom shoot bolts. 3 x outer/inner facing hook locks. 2 x dead-locks. 1 x centre locking latch. 4/6 x roller cams (dependent on door height).
Shoot Bolts
For maximum security all doors have shoot-bolts top and bottom. Simply by lifting the handle upwards, the shoot-bolts as well as all other lock features are engaged.
Tricept doors include 4/6 roller-cams (dependant on door height) which ensure a tight seal when the door is closed.
3 high security fully rebated hinges including anti-jemmy claws to each hinge. Colour coordinated to profile.